Hill climb run excercise

in #run2 years ago

This is the right picture from my hill climb.

Ha to warm up beflre this.

1K with 5:13 min/km pace was pretty good for beeing me.

Faster every today.

Tiday is my day lff running so i will be ekther walking with my weiggt-vest or taking a long bicycle run.



nice time 19min do u now how it was before? like ur progress.

Yeas. 4 weeks ago i had a pace kme lf 7-8min per km. And i needed to take a two minutes walking break every 5 min. (Intervall trening)

So quiet happy with pace time of 5.3 min per km non stop.

I ram 1K last week in a lottle bit over 1h.

I gonne to another 1k tomorrow or wedensday.

You can follow me on strava if you want to.

You looking at it wrong. I only spent 11 minutes on 2K.

This one is "bakketrening" i ran uo and down this hill for 27minutes. Lol. Im not running 2k in 19minutes. That is slow i think. Nornally 5K afternoon runs is ablut 30min.

But i really dont carr so much ablut numbers and such.

I just feel great after running and it makes me happy.

Inget thhese endorphine rushes afterwards. Very healthy for x-addicts to excercise.. everybody aawell.

But this winter i was in the hospital 3months so i gained alot of weight so i need to ecxerxise and be healthy :)

yes a understand its bakketrening. its not the same but when a was living in oslo a biking a lot up to tryvann and its interesting to see over time how the time is going over time. u have good numbers keep going..:)

Yeah i think its fine. Main thing is to be healthy abd having fun. And if the numbers get better thats fine.

Yeah the trip from tryvannstua to tryvannstårnet is a nice ride.

Used to bike dlwbhilld the dowbhill slope from Frognerseteren to Mittstuen a lot with my Kong King Kapu bike many years ago :)

Bakketrening was on jogging. Not bike.

Biked 20K today with blth kids in the wagon behind the bike on my GFs girl bike lol.

Good leg training

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