How Dark±Pylon Games work

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@Darkflame has given a way a lot of Steem Dollars. One of the best things about Steemit is how authors can distribute rewards to curators who upvote their content. There is a real sharing going on here that is based on participation. We want this to be fun!

There may be 6-12 draws and one randomly selected winner will be chosen for each. Half of the liquid rewards will be paid as a prize in most cases unless rules state otherwise. Steem Power charges up @DarkPylon

This is a ± Pylon

Without any charge. Power up the ± Pylon by voting! The more users who play and charge the ± pylon, the larger the rewards paid to the players.

Charge the ± Pylon to play the game!

A winner is selected randomly using a tool like this and a Giveaway post will be created to announce the winner.

This is the new Logo, I have chosen the symbol ± to represent a Pylon.
A pylon is "a tower used for carrying power lines high above the ground."


± Pylons are posted and the rules are simple.

This week

these are active Giveaway Pylons! Read the instructions carefully.

You can still Vote on these ± Pylons

@DarkPylon started with 1 Steem and 1 SBD

Dark±Pylon Gaming

Try one of the first Free games at

Also try this 2D space game

Delegate 33 STEEM POWER

to @DarkPylon by clicking this box.

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