Who Are They Kidding?

in #rugby5 months ago

No safe way of scrumming.These players haven't even engaged, yet they are centimetres apart.

World Rugby announced today that they have amended some laws to help combat the spread of the Corona Virus. Temporary laws involving the scrum,tackle,ruck and maul trying to limit the time players are in contact with each other. Honestly they are literally farting in the wind as this is a waste of time.

Inside a scrum you have no chance of escaping contact plus sweat and breathing from other players all around you is a reality.

Their words were that they believed each rule change would reduce cumulative exposure by these actions.I wouldn't be listening to the World Health Organisation (WHO) as they say 15 minutes within 1 meter is high risk in contact with someone who tests positive. That is fine but you aren't playing a contact sport with them.

A scrum consists of 8 team mates all tightly bound pressed up against another 8 guys. If you have ever been in a scrum especially in the front row or your head leaning through from the lock position your head is exposed and people are breathing on you. The hooker and props have their heads next to their opponents and are physically touching. Where is the safety in that?

Rugby unfortunately is different to most of the other contact spots as it is real contact. Body fluids like sweat and spit will be transferred during the game and there is little that you can do to stop this. Every aspect of the game is about contact as each team is trying to stop the other one from scoring.

The ball is passed between hands throughout the match and even if it was replaced and sanitized after each play or when play stops it wont help. The people at World rugby know this as most of them are ex players so they are trying to con the media or government that they can play safely. Everyone knows that isn't possible and players know the risk involved.

Talk about a catch 22 for the players as if their teams don't get to playing at some point they will suffer financially and worse still their clubs could go bust. Truthfully rugby should only be permitted once the vaccine has been sorted out as it is not safe right now. Players will play though and take their chances. How many games during the season that will be played before entire teams test positive would be a good bet to take. It has to happen at some point before everyone can see how ridiculous this is. These rules wont help and the players who play will be jeopardising everyone around them.

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