Michael Cheika's Half Time Team Talk against England leaked and It is Brutal.

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I knew this guy was ruthless but he really did dish it out at half time. He was absolutely brutal in his half time teamtalk versus England. The game finished 40- 16 so they took a drumming and Cheika resigned. He probably knew he was going to at half time with his speech. Here is the audio. He has a thick aussie accent so some of this you may not be able to understand. It is mostly swear words anyway.


Imagine sitting there listening to that abuse. I would of thought one of the players would of challenged him but he would probably rip their face off.
Here is a video with no sound of him giving out in the dressing room.


Cheika stood down as manager of Australia citing that he had no relationship with the CEO of Australian rugby or the chairman. It brings an end to his 5 year stint in charge of the team. From the audio above I would say most of the players aren't that sad about it.


It has to be frustrating as a coach when you know your players are potential of so much more than they give on the field. I am not condoning what he said, but I can understand the frustration. These are also grown men so they can handle a little bit of swearing. It's still probably not the best way to go about things especially if you are on tape. I know my brother in law who coaches gets a little loud sometimes, but often times that is what the girls need to get their heads back into the game.

😂😂 The poor girls . hahah.

you should see me "coaching"
the motivation levels get sprung and lol

I've seen it, but never leaked it...


oh noes, you know balloon popping with a katana is a sport ffs

Yeah, that's how I remember it, but I did not think it was so sporting!


I think he's just explaining how they can improve in the second half.

It was time as he was never that good anyway. I thought he was too soft on them, look at Hooper in the video is more worried about his hair.

I think the team really need a new manager.

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