Withdrawal fees were lowered

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Dear RuDEX users,
The withdrawal fees were lowered on the following assets:

BTC: с 0.0009 до 0.0005
ETH: с 0.01 до 0.005
USDT: с 1.5 до 1
GOLOS: с 500 до 400
SMOKE: с 500 до 400
STEEM: с 10 до 8

Minimum withdrawal amounts we're changed:
ETH: 0.1 to 0.05 ETH
USDT: $10 to $5

RuDEX is

  • low trading fees of 0.1% for all our assets
  • gateway transparency & audit available https://audit.rudex.org
  • no max limits on deposits & withdrawals
  • no KYC/AML verification.
    Welcome to https://rudex.org


So.... I sent 36 Steem from luckygames after I decided I didn't want to gamble with that much (The whole 40 I sent.)... and I didn't notice that the minimum deposit was 50 steem. Is there any way to get that refunded? Or is my money now stolen?