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Hello everyone!

Today we are finally ready to present you our latest localization of open source development based on the Bitshares blockchain – it is the RuDEX mobile app for Android!
It’s already available for download in the Google Play Store right now.

This is an improved version of widely known in the Bitshares community bitshares-mobile-app, developed by an independent team with community funding. We created a special RuDEX gateway localization for it and thoroughly adapted it for the maximum ease of use of this product.

Current version of RuDEX mobile app includes the following functions:

  • Registering new accounts, logging in with existing ones and back up support
  • Account mode and wallet mode support
  • Multi-account support
  • Viewing all assets and trading in Bitshares markets
  • Encrypted stealth transactions (blind transfers)
  • Markets, chart, K-line chart, trading history
  • Margin trading
  • Account search, feed price information, margin position rating
  • Sending and receiving tokens
  • Issuing and managing of your assets based on Bitshares
  • Token deposit/withdrawal
  • Voting and government of Bitshares DAC
  • FAQ

We also couldn’t miss the opportunity to remind you of some benefits of RuDEX in comparison with centralized exchanges:

  • Ability to trade fully decentralized assets
  • Multi-language interface and support
  • Desktop applications for all major OS
  • Full exclusive control over your own account and funds
  • The impossibility of blocking the trading platform and the Bitshares blockchain
  • Correspondence of the amount of asset tokens to their actual amount in the gateway wallet
  • Transparency for audit

Join trading on RuDEX – the mobile application makes it even easier!

In addition, our team is currently preparing a number of interesting updates to existing services that will not disappoint you. Subscribe to our blog to don’t miss updates and other news.

Have a good trade!


I deposited 50 steem last night and have yet to receive it. Please check into this, as I'd like to know the gateway works before sending more. Thank you.



no make sense to write here it is not a support
use the support link

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