Important updates to the RuDEX gateway!

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Hello, RuDEX users!
Today we’d like to inform you about several important updates to our service.

Firstly, the long-promised public gateway audit page has finally become available:

Secondly, due to the upcoming increase in commissions of the Bitshares blockchain, our gateway is forced to change its commission policy as well, so from the date of this announcement’s publication all trading commissions will be tied to the average gateway rate, which is 0.1%.

Thirdly, the gateway commissions for withdrawal and minimum amounts ​​for deposit/withdrawal of funds also were changed.

CurrencyMinimum value to depositMinimum value to withdrawalWithdrawal fee
BTC (Bitcoin)0.00180.00180.0009
ETH (Ethereum)
PPY (PeerPlays)10102
GRC (GridCoin)10001000200
KRM (Karma)10000100002000
SBD (Steem Dollars)10102
WLS (WhaleShares)500050001000
GBG (Golos Gold)10001000200
  • Best regards, RuDEX team


Thanks for the this post.
Besides, GRC should be Gridcoin, or did I miss the joke ;-)

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