📢 Announcement: Minimum deposit/withdrawal amount on RUDEX gateway increased

in rudex •  7 months ago 

Dear RuDEX users!

Please take note, that beginning from 8th of March 2019, minimum deposit amount on RuDEX gateway is going to be increased.

Minimum withdrawal amount is already raised

Here are the new minimum values for Bitshares RUDEX gateway:

BTC - 0.001
ETH - 0.01
EOS -1
GRC - 300
GOLOS - 200
GBG - 200
KRM - 5000
PPY - 3
SBD -2
SMOKE - 100
WLS - 50

Thank you for your attention,
RuDEX Support Team

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hi, mistakenly sent 1 steem to rudex instead of 7, that was my mistake, would be grateful if refunded. thank you
@rudex @blockchained