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A few week ago ,i been sent to join some rubber talk for a week.I really dont want to go but the participant were selected by the newly appointed Rubber Board Management

During a week there,the most awaited time of the day was...eating time😂😂😂.Not that i dont pay any attention during the talk but,,i been hearing the same thing over and over again for almost 15 years but from diffrent speaker

The Rubber Management usually give this talks when the rubber plantation they attended for 5 years ready for producing lateks
All the plantation participant will get their rubber estate back but before they can start producing lateks ...they got to attend the rubber talks
*Enough with the rubber talks😂😂"
On the second last day there,we went for a visit to some local estate on the foot of Mount Kinabalu


They plant pineapple in every row between the rubber tree,not only its withheld the soil but also for the local have some income during their awaited rubber tree to be matured







That all folks😂😂