Do not let your situ lie idle, use it to the fullest!

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  1. Perfect poached eggs. Fold the fresh egg on a sieve, and then lower it into boiling water. No more dancing with a tambourine (whisk) and vinegar. (video attach)

  2. the Smooth texture of the puree. Not enough money for Vitamix (with the current course easier to buy a car), and a cheap blender can not cope with the task? Just wipe the mashed potatoes through a fine sieve a few times.

  3. Press citrus fruits. And no bones in the juice. Yes, we have no doubt that there are people who own this technique from birth, but suddenly someone did not know.

  4. Screening the flour. A sieve is a great way how to add the flour in cakes and evenly pagpalit the table to work with the dough.

  5. Sprinkle cookies and pastries. The rule is the same as in the fourth paragraph, with the difference that instead of flour we take powdered sugar or cocoa.

  6. Prepare soft cheeses. Mozzarella or ricotta can be prepared in a few minutes. All you need is milk, an acid and a sieve with paper towels (or gauze)

  7. the Replacement of the steamer. Our steamer has sunk into oblivion during one of the crossings, but the saucepan with the sieve copes with the task.

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