The main treasure of Russia

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2884CF06-E5DC-4885-BFBC-FAB90A5DC8C8.jpegHello, everyone! Let’s continue to explore Russia. I know you know that the main Russia’s treasure is oil. I won’t talk about chemistry and geology at the moment. Because this is the true - Russia is wealth with minerals and so on. But stereotype is in the word ‘main’. The main our treasure are people. Previously I have already mentioned that population of Russia is multinational. In English you can’t say it differently, but in Russian we have two different words:

  1. ‘Russkiy’ means ‘Russian by nationality’
  2. ‘Rossiyanin’ means ‘citizen of Russia’
    Yes, 81 % of us are Russians. Lots of us are mixed, like me. So during population census I call myself Russian. But here in this article I say ‘russian’ in the second meaning. We are different, but we have lived together a thousand of years, so we became so similar.
    What nationalities are we? I guess you haven’t even heard these names before: Tatars, Chuvashes, Mordvas, Chechens, Bashkirs, Jews and so on. Even Germans! But not ordinary Germans. They are called Povolzhskie Germans. And I guess this is the main secret of Russian beauty and Russian brilliant mind - we are mixed! I m not scientist, but if some scientist reads it, he will confirm that the most beautiful and smart children are born from mixed marriages.
    But I want to warn you. We are north people. And if you come here you will be surprised that we are severe and morose. Yes, we don’t smile if it’s not a joke was told, we don’t say ‘hello’ to strangers like Spanish or Italian people do. North people got used to economize energy.
    But inside... Russian people are wonderful. I remember my grandfather told me a story like people fed captives Germans during the WW2. Russians are closed, but they are really kind. And generous. If you come to russian’s house, he will put on the table everything he has got, will make you eat and drink. Yes, it’s true, you won’t go away sober. If you do, Russian will suspect that you are a spy. And Russian will entertain you till the end, even he has to wake up in 2 hours for work. And if you got Russian fioncee, he will pay everything. Even he has no money. Russian man should pay for his woman. It is the rule. You will offense him if you pay your bill. We are stuck between East and West, so we are western people, but we have so many borrowings from East world. And our woman. The most emancipated Russian woman is simply a child comparing with ordinary American housewife.
    Certainly, all people are different. And we have lots of scoundrels too. But we are talking about common characteristics.
    And a Russian word for today is ‘lubOv’-‘love’. Thank you for staying with me!
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