My upvote has no value. What to do?

in #ru4 years ago

It was a hard time for me to find my Steemit password. But I succeeded.

I'm happy I still can see familiar faces here, haven't seen you for a while 😊

Lately I've been doing self-development, self-getting-to-know-better too much. It seems like pretty much I'm stuck.

I always wanted to create some English learning project. I've done it. But I can't finish it in the way I want it to be. So I'm a bit disappointed.

Just decided to share my thoughts.

I've noticed that my upvote has no value. Perhaps it Because of being missing for a long time.

I wonder what I should do to get the value back 🤔

I also noticed I can't attach a photo. The app is constantly shutting down.


That's because no one is using STEEM anymore, you need to take your steem logins and move over to HIVE -

The site has been forked with a new coin and new branding

You seem to be using older or Legacy version of Esteem!
Please install newest version to get most out of Esteem, Install Android:, iOS: mobile app or desktop app for Windows, Mac, Linux:
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