Where did the name of the city?

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In the history of Crimea is an interesting event associated with the city name. There are several assumptions, Yevpatoria who gave the name of the resort town

It would be interesting to know, where did the name of the city-? Previously, the city was called Kerkinitida and nearly 1000 years called Yevpatoria. Apparently, the city was named after the king who rules the kingdom of Pontus in the distant, distant times - the times of the Roman Empire. Pontus was a strong state, which is opposed by the Great Rome for almost 40 years. It occupies a large area. To subdue the kingdom of Bosporus, Chersonesus, and different tribes. Repeatedly the king of Pontus sent his army to help the residents of Tauris under the leadership of the commander of Diophantus.
 Pontus is in the territory of the future of Byzantium. And the rules of this state King tsarstvom-

Euxine Pontus Mithridates Eupator sixth. In honor of the king called in Crimea mountain on the southern coast of Crimea, a mountain in Kerch and a legend named Yevpatoria city, and on the other the Queen Catherine II said Evpator is correct, but, "and I". So it happened Yevpatoriya

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I was there in pioneer camp in 70-s. I remember the color clay on the beach which we kids sculpted soldiers and tanks

Thank you for your confidence and your positive feedback, I like what you said. Thank you again.