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Are you an author on blogger or website? You certainly want your website to be fully noticed by many people and quickly found while searching for topics related to our articles on ggogle. You need to know about SEO and QMS. Google defines (Search Engine Optimization) SEO as follows: “Increase visitors of a website from search engines” — Online marketing vocabulary, Learn with Google. Looks like a very simple definition is not! But let’s explain more about this. Basically, it is the process of increasing your website’s visibility to your online audience through search engines. Seo is one way to optimize your website’s ability to appear on the first or second page of search engine results.
In simple language, you want to create unique, fresh and quality content for your website visitors and then you want to build quality links from relevant sites to the specific content you have created. SEO involves a lot of things and we can get information about how to use Seo on paid sites or in books, but if you stick to the basic rules of content writing and quality link building, then you take the right steps to increase your website visitors in search results organic or you can also use professional SEO services Mindreach Consulting to increase the number of visitors to your website. As for the SMM. WHAT IS SMM? SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. Talking about SMM makakita talk about paid advertising through social media network. If you are familiar with Facebook advertising, then it is an SMM. This is the process of using paid advertising to expand your customer reach and increase your brand exposure.
Today, globally there is no unified platform that can unite talents from linguistics, SMM and SEO fields, while also featuring the ability to expedite the publication of material in multiple languages ​​to manage their reputation online.
Even if most of these services are provided by separate agents who build their fees and provide services to public relations agencies who, in turn, build at their own expense. This leads to a very high price for the Customer, while the Contractor earns very little income, once the agent expenses them, which has a negative effect on the quality of the services provided.
Along with the development of Blokchain Technology has come a site that will bring the solution about the above problems. The name of this site is Word.Expert which is the first Blokchain-based financial product in the word

What Is Word.Expert ?

Word.Expert or commonplace in short WE is the first blockchain-funded financial product in the world. WORD.EXPERT (WE) is a multi-functional platform, which allows users to transact in WORDCOIN, a crypto supported by the services provided. Here, the user can obtain an interconnected and completed service, which is quite unified in the platform frame.
The WE platform serves as a meeting point for collaborators to join in order to roll out easy or complex strategies, while winning from the convenience and convenience of the intuitive interface and requires no agent. The site will have two main groups of users: Customers, ordering and paying orders, and Contractors, providing services for copywriting, translation and / or proofreading, SEO text optimization, high-quality backlinks sales, and website admins. , where buyers can rent web pages and control their content.
WE opens unlimited opportunities to influence top search results on almost all search engines (Google, BING, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex and others) for relevant keywords. These companies are equipped to effectively manage their online reputation.

The Benefits You’ll Get From The WE Platform

• For the first time, an intuitive interface can be used to get much needed services by reducing the time and money costs.
• Scale internationally, have no peers in terms of coverage.
• Decrease prices due to platform decentralization and absence of owners, trying to get superprofits. Supported by blockchains, the platform will incur agency fees from the price of the services provided here.
• All transactions are backed by smart contracts and blockchains, which allow security and confidentiality.
• By using an internal recommendation system, Customers will easily find the right Contractor.
• The internal recommendation system will help Customers to easily find the right Contractor for them, while also providing incentives to new entrants to seek to achieve professional level of behavior.
• The internal recommendation system will help find the right Contractor and incentivize new users to follow the rules and meet the quality standards.
• Multiplier effects of the use of services, provided on the platform, for copywriting, translation, SEO and renting web pages, reduces the cost of time and money and significantly increases the demand for services offered.
• The synergy of a bundle of copywriting, translation, SEO and web page creation will provide a multiplier effect that will help reduce time and money costs, while also greatly increasing the service requests provided here.
• The combination of these advantages, coupled with the launch of a global PR campaign, will help the WE platform to attract new users, increase the growing exchange rate in WORDCOIN, into a single currency on the platform and be issued in full volume at the start.


Word.Expert is one of the projects that uses Blokchain technology and is the word’s first Blokchain-based financial product. Word.Expert uses a smart contract that allows Word.Expert to create crypto itself. Token from Word.Expert is symbolized by the name WORD COIN (WORD) . The total supply of World.Expert tokens is 10,000,000 WORD COIN (WORD) . This platform will issue 100% WORDCOINs at the beginning.
Tokens from WORD COIN will be distributed in the following manner:
• 2,000,000 Word Coin (WORD) — PRE-ICO
• 5.100.000 Word Coin (WORD) — ico
• 2.900.000 Word Coin (WORD) — Post ICO: among is
• Attract writers to the 500,000 platform WORDCOIN
 — Interesting partner sites 500 000 WORDCOIN
 — Added new demaned services to the system 900 000 WORDCOIN
 — Shares organizer 500,000 WORDCOIN
 — 500,000 tokens will be used for reward campaign

WORDCOIN Gives Opportunity To Investors

To develop this project Word.Expert will be an opportunity for investors to participate to advance this remarkable project. Word.Expert will hold CROWDSALE to sell Word Coin. Crowdsale will be implemented through two stages: PRE-ICO STAGE and STAGE ICO. The PRE-ICO phase will be held on 27 September 2017–4 October 2017. Investors, who contribute during PRE ICO, will receive a proportional appreciation of the funds invested in 3% of ETH’s interest during ICO. At this Pre-ICO stage
Word.Expert provides an interesting bonus that is between the first 1 hour after ico starts you will get a Bonus of 35% — 23%. Investors, coming in at the second hour of PREICO, will get a 23% surplus, during the third hour — 22% and down to 1%. Investors who purchase more than 7 ET will get an additional 10%. Total Word.Expert Token to be sold at Pre-sale stage is 2,000,000 Word Coin. This is the Bonus overview you will get during Pre-ICO.
The ICO Stage will be held on 10 October — 9 November 2017 . Will be sold at a price, which will be defined during PRE ICO, but not less than $ 1 for 1 WORDCOIN (WORD). Word.Expert gives bonus at ICO stage With 4 levels. Total Token Word.Expert to be sold at this ICO stage is 5.1 million WORD. As for the Bonus that you will get during ICO is as follows:

Road Map

• Pavel Burtsev — Founder and CEO
• Dariya Niyazova — PR manager
• Dimitry Kotov — Co Founder
• Vlad Belousov — Web Designer
• Andrey Ustinov — Programmer
• Andrew Golyanov — Multi-Language Translations Provider
• Sergey Vorobin — Hardware architector

For More Information About Word.Expert, Visit:

• Website — http://wordcoin.io/
• Whitepaper — http://wordcoin.io/wp/WP_WORDCOIN_English.pdf
• Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/wordcoin.io/
• Twitter — https://twitter.com/wordcoin_io
• Slack — Join Slack
• Telegram — tg: // resolve? Domain = wordcoin
• Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/user/wordcoin/
• Github — https://github.com/WORDCOIN
• YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_fhOVNGZnFUPVrQ9f-kptw
• Announcement — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2152962.0


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