Curating the Internet: Science and technology micro-summaries for August 31, 2019

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A robotic puppeteer; An electroshock bracelet to deter bad habits; An argument that smart cities should spend more on digital security for infrastructure technologies; A new tablet experience for Windows 10; A Steem essay with more about the link between fake news and fake memories

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  1. ETH Zurich Demonstrates PuppetMaster Robot - A team of researchers at ETH Zurich have set themselves a goal to have a robot puppeteer with a skill level that approaches that of humans. The post contains videos of the current iteration of their product, and an actual human puppeteer.

    Here is the robot video:

  • This electric-shock bracelet helped me quit biting my nails - The Pavlok 2 is a wearable device that claims to "reduce cravings and break bad habits. The author, Abby Tang tried it out for two weeks to deter nail-biting. The device has settings to vibrate or beep, but she chose to administer a mild shock. Short version: It stopped her from biting her nails, but she says she got 10 false positives for every legitimate shock. No word as to whether she started biting her nails again at the end of the two weeks.

  • Smart Cities Need to Spend More on Security Tech, Study Suggests - According to ABI Research analyst, Dimitris Pavlakis, insufficient investment in digital security for critical city infrastructure could, "jeopardize the key elements of intelligence, efficiency and sustainability of future smart city deployments. According to the article, this is consistent with growing concern in industry and government about lack of oversight for digital infrastructure. The devices in question include network connections for things like street lamps, surveillance cameras, and air quality sensors. h/t Communications of the ACM

  • Microsoft unveils new tablet experience for Windows 10 - The new design is targeted at 2-in-1 devices, and it is in testing among Windows Insider users. The experience will be more like the current desktop experience, instead of throwing the user into a tablet-like experience. An option for full tablet mode will still be available, but it will be disabled by default. In the new view, the desktop and task bars will remain visible, and file explorer will switch to a touch-optimized layout. The software vendor is also testing out a cloud download option to restore and reset Windows 10. h/t OS news

  • STEEM Fake News Can Create Fake Memories - In this post, @kralizec covers the topic of fake news and fake memories that was previously included in Curating the Internet: Science and technology micro-summaries for August 24, 2019. The article describes the background of the study, saying that it was done in the context of a referendum in Ireland on an abortion ban. The study found that people were likely to form false memories around fake news stories that happened to align with their own political bias, and that this even happens when participants are told that some of the news stories are fake. (A 10% beneficiary setting has been assigned to @kralizec for this post)

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