Here's Steemit rss service I developed.

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I know Steemit has a lot of good writing. One day I encountered steemit by chance and found the charm of steemit. I come in every few days and read behind. But it was stressful to remember where to read and check where to begin.

There are many other sources of information that I periodically check. It can be a blog, it can be an IT news site. I don't check many of these places myself every time. That's a really ridiculous effort. Fortunately, there is a good tool called RSS that you can use in this case. Strangely, however, Steemit does not officially offer RSS subscriptions. (Apart from the agony of providing convenience to users and the strategy to achieve a blog service's page view.) So I decided to develop it myself.

Like everything else, the idea was fun, but the actual work process wasn't easy. It's been a while to create an RSS feed, but it takes a lot of time to create a complete service. A stable server structure and processing needed to be able to respond effectively to high traffic. To conclude, it's done well with the type of service I wanted to create. I think there will be a chance to explain this part separately later.

Now, here's the point. When you go to the following site, you will see a very simple page with only text output.

Enter the ID of the Steemit User you want to subscribe to and press the OK button to load the RSS Feed. As the RSS users know, you can copy the url and register it with the RSS Reader. Hooray for RSS!

If you have any inconveniences or questions while using, please comment here. Thank you for reading it.

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