Spectral Pill 2: The Virtual Quantum Computer

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Verily, it is portrayed upon thine occular socketry:

Quitely, The Red Wave Approacheth.
Converseing, quietly vindicated throughout society.

Though he wander through the Valley of Dank,
Our Hero and Protagonist Pepe knows no fear.

Here it is where he finds himself…
Ever moving forward.
Anticipated the next Habbening.
Righetously Angry.
Though Compassionately Calm.

Knowing that it’s about to be Habbening,
Our hero finds himself a little antsy.
When will The Storm fully hit?
That is what has him on edge.
Outwardly, anyway…
We found our Hero, deep in thought:

L'esprit de l'escalier

Unlike usual, I never used this in response.
It went over the post limit, and I enjoy the sense of space away from where this applies.
Originally I was trying not to go too far into it, buuuut…
Since I have a lil’ breathing room, I decided to go a litle further.

Some Hobo had been wondering about the state of thangs.
There was sort of “filler” response… but here’s the actual response.

So I have been thinking about this distribution problem and I see it like this.
1. Chris is not working with/for Q. He is independent but still on the side of the "good guys”.

Aight, so... check it.

1- Now I don't mean to be a racis', buuuuuuut...
Image that V, Q, and C are separate but "equal".
They all serve different functions and I've seen a “V”,
But they're probably exactly as they come off. Neither important nor helpful.
Y'know, like U. :P
That aside… let’s break this down… hypothetically.

~~V=Virtual. Cicada 3301/Assange and whatever they do.
~~Q=Quantum. QResearch is an Neurological Quantum Computer, made up of Autistic Brain “Cells” instead of (01∆).
~~C=Our man “Chris Curtis", which is a reference to a drummer, who be dead now, figuring out proofs for P=NP through music, starting with C#.
The whole “Chris” thing is just a schtick and also related to a twitter account which has been defunct for god knows how long at this point.”C, Root of D” was the to-do.

There are multiple people in the “VQC Team”, with “Chris” as the “face man”.
Granted, his accounts/trips are passed off from time to time.
Just gotta follow the white rabbit and learnt he comms.

Could be a team of V_C, and Q does their own thing.
Or M's "The Other".
Or none of them are related directly.


**2. He does not know the best way to distribute this thing without hurting (and helping) a hell of a lot of people. **

2- That's a bit silly. You know the Spear of Destiny? We're just the tip.
See, the funny thing about Defango is that he has a rather interesting story about a visit to DEFCON.
He was talkin' with one o' his C'cader 1337bros who casually chatted him up about the whole
"How to crack RSA thing in like, two steps, and something about O(log)” thing. EZPZ, gaiz.
He's talked about it on his streams a couple of times, and here’s the entry he wrote about VQC on his SteemIt.

Doing my muse thing and derping around the ARGs, not playing, I've my own games and theories...
Gosh golly, while I did that I was also searching for programmers and mathgawds, someone started chatting me up.
About the "7's Puzzle" C'cader dun did.
Suppoooooosedly, besides Vault7.... There was a "Who wants to solve RSA2048?!" section.
That particular guy I talked to claimed no one solved it, supposedly.
Talked to someone else who said quite the opposite.

Assange got taken into custody in 2010, got out on bail, dipped the fuck out, and got into the embassy August 2012.
Memewhile, Cicada 3301 released their first puzzle in January 2012.
Things were all set up.
What if the "dead man switch" was never random access to his cables?
What if, during that time, he got all buddy buddy with Adm. Mike Rogers and opened his eyes to some fresh evidence.
So... in that scenario, were anything to happen to Assange, Adm. Rogers creates a bunch of dead men.
Or perhaps releasing the deadman switch would thrown off Adm. Roger’s Q timing.
And everyone knoooooooows that Cicada is toooooooootally an NSA recruitment tool.
(Or they're a bunch of nerds. Or they're fed up white hat insiders/ex-intel. Whatever.)
Waves at Gen. Nakasone Satoshi-san!
And maybe NSA used to stand for No Such Asian, as in there is no "Satoshi", and they created BTC.
And maybe Albino Morpheus had a something to do with that, back in the day.
Then it became the go to currency of the Dark Web, Silk Road, and Wet Black Ops...
Multiple times, suddenly "the FBI and NSA shut it down and hauled in a bunch of BTC".... 'member?
Now how'd they do that?
Perhaps... they hold the keys and know who has them and where they "fit in"?
That's enough to make MOSSAD blush, if you know what I mean.

As for RSA, as widely used as it is... there have to be people at the top who know.
And people below them who know parts. Rothschild Secured Assets? Maybe?
Them and /ourguyChris/, super secret secret pony.

Plus there's someone named Z and you can videos about that character.


3. He is certain that the release will do more good than bad overall. (I deeply agree) and wants us to figure the details out.
The worse-case scenario is that the "Bad guys" (Think Hillary Clinton/Podesta/Pizzagate-tier bad guys) capture this tool and use it to crush what Trump is doing to fix the US and the world. If this thing is in the hands of just a few bad guys this is very possible, likely even.

3- Considering the narrative I've just woven, which doesn't require /ourguyChris/ to be necessarily related to any of the other parties, though it makes more sense if he is.
Well... I imagine that they are at least of aware of him and I guarantee you there are people of all intentions all over the world watching what we're doing.
Nothing about what's happening here is hidden and you'd be a silly billy to think otherwise.

Now... as Q continually repeats... Trust The Plan.
Q does not have any comms "from Q" to anyone off-site.
Q DOES have multiple armies of comms guys in intelligence, military, and 1337 h4x0r circles.
The ones who whisper things to you across multiple platforms. You know the ones.

Granted, this may be one of the reasons for the "timeline being moved up".
Perhaps not many people bet on this level of PURE, UNBRIDLED, EXTRA VACCINATED FUCKING AUTISM showing up.

There is a plan that been being played out before this, during this, and plans for after.
You don't think /ourguys/ don't have plans for fucking everything? Reeeeeeally?

So let's supposed that Chris was originally working alone and someone saw what Chris was up to, that cheeky lone bastard, and they reached out.
Sure would explain how things seem to be... timed... right?
Can't fuck up the timing… At least not from their end.


The Hobo began to ramble on, as they are wont to do.

Bonus Round: Der Pubelick
It's not that I have a hard on about being the faceguy for any of this, if necessary, but I am a Legendary Tier Famefag at this point.
Y'all want your privacy, and I'm fine with not being as private.
Been fine with it for a long time now, thought not necessarily by choice.
Someone's gonna ask what the fuck and I'd be the most useless person to try to get info out of by force. In that sense, I’m the safest option, anyway.
I just do pattern pattern recognition and motivational drill sergeanting.

I prefer the "publish to wikipedia" first option.
Take down BTC, and you take down a lot of bad, bad things.
Besides, it could have never been the "new world currency" because some folks don't even have computers, let alone internet.
Then, since JA has supposedly put out his legit public keys, or however the fuck that works…
(Or they were encrypted symmetrically instead of asymmetrically or something like that, in which case cracking RSA wouldn’t give the access I have all the boner for.)
Well uh... now that there's not BTC to concernfag with, might as well check out FUCKING EVERYTHING.
And probably the whole #ProjectMayhem2012 finally gets accomplished.
Just... y'know... without the violence or explosions.
Which is part of whyyyyyyy Q's been having us prepare all sorts of media to help manage... 'member?

Here's what I see happening:
The Q Group already knows how to do this on their own, and they have access to Quantum computing outright, anyway.
You had the Cicada 3301 puzzles that led up to Q which lead up to The Great Awakening or what some would call the Event if you wanna refer to international military space programs as E.T. or something.
I'm not discounting or denying "Aliens" could, would, or do exist...
But thaaaaaat's a whole spiel about sentience and your views on lifeforms, entities, dimensions, and spaces you might be unaware of.

I don't know about y'all, but we're not going to take down the Qabal if the Q Group (who targets the Qabal, in my headcanon, thus the name) DOESN'T take down the international banking cartels and I thought it was always a to do with Q that the internet was probably going to go down (ARCHIVE OFFLINE, ANONS!)...
Whiiiiiiiich when you think about it... is kiiiinda what would happen when we publish this to Wikipedia.
If "they" (Q,C) let us, as Chris (V) said.
If the board goes down before we get to that point...
Don't worry about it.
Trust The Plan.

That's what the Emergency Alert System is for.


Begining to come out of his deep, meditative state, /ourhero/ begins to wind down.

How does "Who the fuck is" Chris play into all that?
He's just a guy who used to drink and he likes to go to the zoo once every arbitrary time period or so.
Or it's short for Christine and at this point...
Who fucking knows or cares.
We have nerd things to do.




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