Redfish Rally Curation Challenge | Meet @cvnuitter :)

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Hello there friends! Today I'll be making a curation post for the first challenge of the Redfish Rally 500 by @steemterminal. On this opportunity, I'd like you to...


Meet @cvnuitter! :)

She's a very active steemian from Venezuela, who is passionate about art, music, history, and ecology. I saw her latest posts and fell in love with the way she describes her outlook on the art and events she sees.

She joined the platform this year, and is already so big and just an amazing blogger in my opinion.

On her latest post, she talks about a recent visit to the CBG ARTS® gallery in Caracas city, which starded out being a digital gallery, and now has two headquarters, one in Miami and the one in Caracas:

CBG® Arts


Image above belongs to @cvnuitter, and it's part of the post mentioned

She also introduces one of her friends, Efraín Ugueto, who is a Venezuelan painter, sculptor and photographer, and who accompanied her on this visit to the gallery.

I invite you to check out her profile, follow her, and give her some love on this great story she shared with us.



Waoo!! Thank you, for me it is beautiful this mention, I love to know that you enjoy my publications. Venezuela is a wonderful country with very talented people, I hope that through this publication others can also get to know me and enjoy them.

Waoo !! Gracias , para mí es hermoso está mención, me encanta saber que disfrutas de mis publicaciones . Venezuela es un país maravilloso con gente con mucho talento , espero que a través de esta publicación otros también puedan conocerme y disfrutar de ellas .


Absolutely! I think your blog is great and hope you keep thriving here on Steemit! We need more people like yourself :) I'm glad to know that you're happy with my post and I wish you all the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I really like the community 😁
💜 💜💜 Thank you

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