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RPG Token Proposal


With all the wonderful work the Whaleshares tokens have been doing, I want to do something similar in vein. As you all may know, I am an avid Tabletop RPG GM. Hell, it's even my username, @thecrazygm. So, here is my proposal.

I need to get a lifetime membership from BitShares so I can create my RPG Token. When people run games, talk about games, show pictures of games, they will win a prize of RPGTokens, these tokens at first will probably only be able to be traded for Whaleshares and when my account gets larger they will be usable to get an upvote from me.

Want a way to pay your GM or tip a player that did well? This is the answer!

If you think this is a good idea, please donate some BTS so I can get the ball rolling. If you would like to donate my BTS username is gbln-lrd.

If you donate Steem or SBD they will be sold for BTS to get the membership. Let us work together to make Steem an awesome place for TableTop Gamers.

Michael Garcia

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It sounds like the onset of major program. The birth of something great. Already resteemed. Hoping bigger whales will share your dream and give you a booster start.

Sounds like a cool idea will support it with an upvote for now ;) I take a rather large part of whaleshares and beyond bit and they work out rather well.

Great idea!

Amazing it's great thanks for sharing !!!