Game Night Part Deux

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Last night I had to cancel our BlackHack game because I ended up in the Emergency Room, yet again. All is well I just tweaked my back and needed a shot of Morphine to knock the pain down a few levels.

The adventures in Clichéa will resume tonight (Thursday, July 20th at 7PDT) I hope to see all the regulars there tonight, sound off if you will or will not be making it.

EDIT: Because of the Rap Battles, the game is going to be a bit later.

Last time our Intrepid Heroes, wait, wrong word, our Childish Heroes faced a Cockalorum a.k.a. Giant Mutant Chicken with Metal Feathers. I thought I would share an image of said beast carefully penned and inked by @shamelessd.

by @shamelessd

Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM

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Good post man :3 Keep it up .