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Following yesterday's blog where I was talking about a game me and some friends designed a few years ago... Some people contacted me on Discord and demonstrated interest into it... The game does not have a name (as yet) and not all components are done...

For those really interested, I created a Discord server for the sole purpose of this game, the development, beta testing, etc...


Over the course of the next few Blogs, I will post components, rules, etc... and will see if there is any interest from the Steem Community...

Here his a list of the components needed:

To be clear... according to the chart above, you will need 8 Crystal cards with a value of 1, 12 crystal cards with a value of 2, 5 crystal cards with a value of 3.... etc...

Resources and Blueprints cards:
Use the table above to create the right amount of each card composing the 5 decks. those cards should be the same dimension as regular playing cards.
The resource values at the bottom of the blueprints represent the cost to build the robot at the repair station (more explanation coming in the future)

Active Robots cards:
There should be the same amount of those cards as you have in the blueprints... 7 diggers, 5 Electro... etc... The size of those cards should be roughly 5"1/4 X 4" (133mm X 100mm) (So that you can lay 4 on a regular sheet of paper)

If you are planing on testing this game, please leave a comment below :) I would love to have your feedbacks....

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Wow! And damn you have a scary mind my friend! lol

Your game blogs just get better and better. I have never played a table top game such as this. I have played a few video games like this but usually choose first person shooter type games. You should continue development of this game as you cannot predict what the future holds for your game.

How much for the flying ladder?