Iftar after 22 hours in Iceland! 😶

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In Iceland, the days of the year are very long. Days will be longer after a few days. During the holy Ramadan, there is so much time to fast in Iceland in Iceland. Now the daytime is about 19 hours. It is to be kept as fast as that time. Those who are fasting, at the end of Ramadan they have to keep fast for 22 hours.

In the countries where fasting was observed for a long time, this information was presented in a BBC Online report on Friday. According to the report, during the end of Ramadan, there will be 22 hours during the fasting day in Iceland.

It is said in the report that in Iceland, the sun sets at 11 o'clock now. The sunrise is at 4 o'clock in the morning. Muslim people who keep fasting get there for a short time.

A Pakistani named Suleman came to Iceland from his country five years ago. He said, according to religious rules, he kept fasting. For this reason, he does not have fast for long, but he does not suffer. Due to belief it seems natural. It has become part of daily work. During Sahari, he only got fruit with gourd.

In Iceland, Suleiman is living with his wife and children. Pregnant wife So he can not fast. Even if he did not fast, he took time to get the holy time of Ramadan and said that he would pray.

There are more than a thousand Muslims in Iceland. But not everyone is fasting, not all of them. Iceland's resident, Reikzhawi, was a mosque in a small community in the Mosque of Iceland, Mansur. He exclaimed the verses of the Holy Quran and said, "Allah has made everything easy for us."

Yamakan, a barbecue restaurant in Reykjavike. Although he is always prepared for the buyer, he does not eat because of fasting. He said, if he is always in a meal, he is feeling hungry. According to him, fasting for a long time is somewhat difficult, but he is doing it as a Muslim. He thinks he will have to keep her fast. He does not have trouble for this.

Iftar was spread on the floor of the Islamic Cultural Center in Iceland. After the azar, there are many iftar iftar together.


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