Technical report 2018

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Dear community!
Today we would like to provide you with👉🏼 technical progress report August 2018-December 30, 2018⬇️
Technical progress report August 2018-December 30, 2018.png

100% - formation of the idea of creating a hybrid currency outside the regulator
100% - Identification of demand for such hybrid currency in the global markets
100% - Registration of a legal entity
100% - Opening bank accounts
100% - Creation of Royal Sting website
100% - Creating White Paper
100% - creation of a BUSINESS PLAN
100% - creation a MAP OF ECOSYSTEM
100% - MVP Creation
100% - The Issue of cross-border units RSU at the base of MVP
100% - Creating a personal account for STO
100% - create branches on BTT and social.Networks (Telegram, Twitter, Steam, Reddit,
Facebook, YouTube, Voice, Spark, Medium)
100% - create Royal Sting "Welcome" video
100% - creating a primary RSF token in the “Stellar Blockchain”
100% - Receiving a patent and ownership rights for SOFT the Royal Sting
100% - Registration in State Financial Supervision of the share capital Sterling Sting $ 21 million
of shares in the State Register of Financial Supervision
100% - based on the increase in the authorized capital Registration of new shares in the register
of the State financial Supervision and Ministry of Justice
100% - Passing the" Financial evaluation " of the Blockchain platform.
100% - issue of RSF shares on the Stock Exchange of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan
100% - Start of stage 1 STO
100% - creation of a software for payments gateway: fiat, electronic and crypto-currencies
100% - development a payment page and admin
100% - creating a gateway as an aggregator for e- merchants (GAM)
100% - successful testing of GAM (in the process of acceptance from Payeer processing) for full-scale integration of Fiat multi-currency payment gateway
80% - Royal Sting team Formation
40% - Development of its own Blockchain platform, with its own hybrid Protocol of the network (DPOS+DAG)
20% - development of technical specifications for Desktop & Mobile version of the application

All costs were incurred at our own expense. The project is free from financial and / or other obligations to third parties.

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