RoseVelt CVN71

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This is the Rosevelt CVN71, one of the largest in the United States. The sea, the oceans, and the whole world are shaking. The surface of it is a small airport. Up to 1,000 soldiers can be on this ship. From here, most of America's warplanes have invaded Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria. The ridicule of the creator's play and the fate of the 5,000 soldiers who were on this shore were attacked by Corona. Repeatedly, the Trump administration is not treating them, even if the Trump administration is taking them back. Maybe today's coronary-stricken world will see them die, they will understand their death pains and the whole Afghan, Libyan, Iraq and Syrian people will laugh. He would also laugh that the child said,
"You have wronged me, I will tell my God everything."

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