Rose Valley Waterfall - Ojai, California

in #rosevalley3 years ago

This video is from back in mid Feb when California was actually getting some rain, (all at once) and we took a quick trip up to Rose Valley Falls in Ojai. It was a crisp morning in the shade of the mountains, but already there were people flocking to see the waterfall after such a long drought. The mist of tiny droplets was refreshing as they fell from above.

We recently went back and stayed overnight at the campgrounds, but the comforting rumble of the water spilling over onto the rocks had been reduced to a trickle. Although the thundering energy of the waterfall had mostly dissipated, the raw power of its path was still clearly evident on the cliff face.

Rose Valley in Ojai California is a great place to visit for the day and for overnight camping. It is a small campground and fills up fast so be sure to plan accordingly if camping (first come first serve to claim spots, no reservations). It is off of the 33 highway and on the trail you will find everyone from car and motorcycle enthusiasts stopping off for a break from their cruise, to families on a weekend outing.


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