Wait... Roseanne said what?

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This is fresh off the old twitter photoshop, crop, and press for my fellow Steemian who may be interested as well, even if only slightly.

I was literally watching the episode of the reboot of Roseanne where she, Roseanne, comes to terms with and even stands up for, even if only slightly, her new Muslim neighbors. I'm like whoa, is this real? So I do some digging because the original tweet has been deleted and she is saying she's quitting twitter and I feel it's important to discuss this. It threw me off guard. Amid all this other stuff going on, ya know, every actor in Hollywood being a rapist, now we got this?
Roseanne has been addressing social issues for a long time now. They even added a transgender character to the rooster for the reboot and watching Goodman support and encourage that child to be themselves was awesome. the show has a long history of heartwarming moments. but even still. that has nothing to do with this tweet right here.


Crazy right!?
Well she has been pretty quick to release an apology.


But not before the show was completely canceled and a huge upset from co-stars, and fans alike. she does have a colorful twitter account full of weird ramblings. It's strange and reminiscent of the whole Cosby situation. granted she isn't drugging and rapping unsuspecting women and men, she is still keeping racism alive which is something that hurts, kills, and otherwise affects millions of lives not only in America but all across the globe.

My personal hope is that through platforms like Steemit, dtube, twitter, facebook, and stuff like that
that the world will become a more understanding place. that maybe we can all help each other instead of put each other down.

Anyways, if you read this I appreciate it. I'm sure it's not the best written article you'll see all week but I at least managed to snag screen shots of the "joke" and the "apology."

How do you feel about this? Do you think that the whole show should be canceled because of her tweet or should they do to her like they did to Charlie sheen in 2 1/2 men? should they kill her off/ divorced and have a spinoff series following Dan or one of the kids and rename it altogether???? Lemme know.

Also, I probably won't be doing a lot of these celebrity gossip posts so please don't hate me if you want more and I never deliver.
either way, have a blessed day.

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