My Love, My Hobby, My Leisure Time Partner: My Lovely Rose.

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My love is lovely Rose


For several days, I would like to create a small post about my love and love pink, but it is not happening. So today when I got the time, I started writing.

Last year, when I went to my friend's house, I saw many rose flowers blooming on the roof of their house. I was really fascinated by what I saw. After returning home, I think that there are some rose flowers on our roof but it does not get worse. Think of that job. I had to call a friend and said that I will have some rosemary flower trees. After some time, he came to our house with some trees.


Then we together planted trees in the tub. I regularly take care of the trees, and they help grow with fertilizers. Regularly giving them water.

Finally my dream has been successful. For a while, the trees started to give flowers to a couple of flowers.

Have the desire, to create all kinds of flower gardens across the entire roof of our house. That's where I started working from now on. Pray for me, so that I can be successful.

Thanks to Everyone.

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Thank you.

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Colourful plants and your articles is fabulous

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