ROS Robotic arm with MoveIt for motion planning

in ros •  5 months ago

This is a robotic arm with motion planning I made recently using ROS and MoveIt for motion planning. The arm itself is 3D printed, you can download STL files here. All credits goes for 3D models goes to  Juergenlessner, thanks for an amazing work.

I am in process of writing three part tutorial on how to make this project now. 

1) Creating URDF file and controlling the arm in simulation(RVIZ)

2)Connecting physical arm and controlling it using Arduino Uno board as ROS node(Rosserial)

3)Using Stereo camera for object detection and manipulation.

ROS is a great framework for robotics projects and once you get hang of it, it really helps you to build better and more intelligent projects. Unfortunately it does have a steep learning curve and the amount of free documentation is very limited on internet. For this project I had to search for the information in countless different sources, each one of them only answering one particular problem I faced. 

So, this tutorial is written to be a comprehensive guide on how to build your first intelligent robotic arm, all in one place. Stay tuned for the first part, I will publish it in the next few days. If I won't, hit me with something have, so I could hurry up :)

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