“ROR GAME” Mobile App BETA Launch on STEEM & Event / Play ROR GAME and Earn STEEM! [100% burn post!]

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Hello, This is Team ROR Universe(Road of Rich).

We would like to inform you about RORGAME, ROR GAME is a game platform that everyone can play easily and conveniently with the mobile APP. There are more than 30 minigames are available, and the ranking battle system will be updated soon. Win the ranking battle and earn RORS token rewards. :)
ROR GAME is a global service game, so you can compete with people around the world.

“ROR GAME” uses the same RORS token as Road of Rich.
100% reward pool system for paid payment revenue
We will pay 100% of paid payment income to the ROR Token holders and Game Players.

You will be able to earn RORS tokens through the ranking battle of RORGAME.

“ROR GAME” currently supports English and Korean.
We plan to add more languages ​​soon.

“ROR GAME” can be downloaded from ‘Google Play’



I've prepared iOS, but the service has been postponed because of Apple's update issues and errors. When Apple solves the problem, we can release iOS.

[Error reports]


We currently support Google login and plan to add various login methods.
The blockchain wallet login method is creating a barrier to entry, so we are trying to solve it.

ROR GAME is still in beta. There is a lot to develop in the future. But it's good news that all the games are ready. We plan to add a token economy system and add more games.

“ROR GAME” has an advertisement added.
Advertisement revenue will be used for RORS Token value and various events.
As more people use it, the rewards increase and people can earn more rewards.

ROR GAME 소개 화면.jpg

★ROR GAME Launch event★

Play ROR GAME, review it with rorgame tags, We will send 1 STEEM to 300 people with Vote support :)

Please participate in the event.

ROR Official Discord channel: https://discord.gg/vyPHGk6
ROR Official Homepage: http://roadofrich.com/
ROR Official Kakao talk channel: https://open.kakao.com/o/gHpYWMkb
ROR Game community : https://www.steeminven.com


what good information!
I invite you to visit my post.

Good! Upvoted
Please play our RORGAME too!

What about IOS?

Waiting on iOS 🙏

We are also waiting for Apple's iOS update :(

Thanks you.
I am waiting for RORS payout for RORGAME.

Thank you so much :)

Just downloaded the app, looks really good! Do I understand it right, that the prize money shown in the app is RORS tokens? If yes, is it possible to send them to our Steem wallet?

Yes, that's right.
RORS tokens rewarded through RORGAME and can be sent to the Steem Wallet.(will be updated)

Cool, thanks for the answer!

how does it work to be able to payout?

The game is free to play but will support STEEM and RORS to purchase DIA.

thats good The game is free to play

I love the concept but why rely on google? After all isn't the point of blockchain to be decentralized? As far as ad economy, is there anyway to copy the way the brave browser shows ads so you cannot be identified?

For a project to be successful, many people need to use it.
STEEM wallet is clearly more convenient than other blockchain wallet, but blockchain wallet create a huge barrier to entry for the who don't know blockchain.

That's why we added the token economy system to RORGAME and I think this can make the game more valuable.

approx how many RORS we are able to win per single game ?

The prize pool may change each time.(Depend on Rewards pool)
We will continue to increase the pool of rewards.

Good luck with this and hopefully the IOS app is ready soon!!!

Thank you :)
We also want to service iOS quickly.

!giphy awesomesauce

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Any video reward bounty?

We are preparing for some events. :)

Gracias por extender la invitacion en la plataforma,muy buena idea,pero soy venezolana y mi idioma es otro,saludos y gracias por la invitacion,

Thank you.
We plan to add Spanish soon.
We look forward to adding more languages ​​in the future so that more people can play :)

Awesome to see that ROR is already on steem. I had issues with launching a game. The sounds play but nothing displays on the screen.

great game though i have never tried it but i am interested and i will try it

Thank you so much :) The reward pool system will be working soon.

Thanks for the post.

Cool! I'll give it a go later today :^)

Nice work team 👍 Good luck on future progress, I hope this will bring value to Steem!

RORGAME is a global service that many users can play easily.
If more people play, it will be able to gather a lot of people to STEEM blockchain. :)

the game looks good

Cool, separating gameplay from wallet would have been ideal as it reduces transaction confirmation at every check point and also, do users earn more ROR token when they hodl certain amount of tokens in circulation?

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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I have downloaded and played the amazing ROR GAME. Also created a good review about ROR GAME. I would invite you to visit my blog. Thank you and always share some amazing events for ROR GAME lovers.

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very cool. trying out all the games

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Interesting... Waiting for the steem or steemconnect login option.

Have you guys considered exposing your app through ReviewHunt?

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