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I agree it's been quite long I made post about games, but I'm here with the latest. I'm actually the kind of person that fancies playing games a lot. I could play one game over and over again. However, let's see what RORGAME is, and what it has brought for us all.

RORGAME simply means road of rich. It is a html5 gaming platform / app which gives users the access to play multiple simple games in just one app. Yeah, it's for real. Rather than downloading these games individually, RORGAME is the option out.
RORGAME is a platform / app for gamers. The RORGAME platform / app has several types of games in it. Users are free to play any game of their choice and they are rewarded for it. Users can also purchase the DIA coin using the steem token (0.11steem/DIA) or the RORS token, or you could watch a short ad to earn DIA for free! The games are ranked based on their recommendation, popularity, newly uploaded, and the day's ranking. To sign up, you can simply download the app here on playstore.
Afterwards, click on the three horizontally arranged lines at the top right corner of the app screen, click sign in, select the sign up method and sign in after that! Pretty simple... Right?

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