Some of the benefits of Android Mobile root

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images (45).jpgSome of the benefits of Android Mobile root
 One of the most popular among the customizable OS is Android. You may think there is no need to root your device. But you will be surprised to know the advantages of the route. Let's know, some advantages of root.

  1. Unlock the Hide feature
    By root, you can unlock some hidden features. Sometimes your favorite features are not on your device. After the route, you can add favorite features to your device through various apps. For example - ExposedDownloader.
  2. Boost the device's speed
    By rooting, you can increase the speed of your device. Different apps such as - setcpu With this app, you can boost your device's speed by closing your device cpu over.
  3. Boost battery life
    Another advantage of the route is that you can boost the battery life of the device. You can also cpu downclock your device with the setcpu app. This will boost your device's battery life.
  4. Add ad in the app
    By root you can add ads to the app. Different apps such as AdFree, Adblock Plus, Ad Away - These apps will block the add-ons of your device.
  5. Backup
    By root you can easily backup your whole system. In addition to the root you can backup some apps. However, if you have a root, you can back up the entire system. In this case, you have to get help from some apps. Eg - Titanium Backup
  6. Remove pre-installed apps
    You can delete pre-installed apps on the root. Besides backing up the Titanium Backup app, you can delete pre-installed apps on your device with the app.
  7. Install Custom ROM
    After the route, you can install another ROM on your device (eg CyanogenMod, Replicant etc.). This will add new features to your device