How to root your android

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How to root your android smartphone

Hi steemians, today I will present you an application to root your android smartphone, is very simple but I advises you have to do a backup of all you have in your smartphone because if you have a problem, all your data can be lose and I will not be responsable ...

Download Kingoroot link here

1.You will have to go in this website and download Kingoroot

Capture d’écran (4).png

2.The installation program will begin and one time it finish, launch the application.

Capture d’écran (5).png

3.Connect your phone with a cable to your computer and click on the button "root"

Capture d’écran (6).png

4.That it ! Your telephone are supposed to be root !!!


5.You can go in the play store and install root checker to confirm ...


What you can do after this operation ?

  • Eliminate the app that come with the smartphone because that take place
  • Change the emoji with emoji changer
  • Overclock your CPU to upgrade the performance !
    And a lot of other things !!! You just have to explore.

Good luck,
Mathias P.

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Thanks ! But I really need to improve my English haha :) And don't forget to upvote ;)

Great post. Do you know how to jailbreak on IOS?

Not really, I don't use IPhone haha! But if you want, I can do research abojt the subject after the top 3 of the gba emulator. Just upvote and I will do my possible. Have a good day😊