Love story roni

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Love story rony


Minister's son
Mim in the time when you enter college
Give it
Mm: This is not to me in college
Do not come?
I: G, the college is not your father.
Mm: Your courage is not bad?
I: What happened here?
Mim: You know who I am?
I: No, I do not even try to know.
Mim: What? It's so much talk
From college
Do it out!
I: Ha ha ha
Principal of the princess to fend for Mim rag
Towards the room
Oh, my identity was given to me
I'm not
Ahad R. and Mim
But do more with it
No, my father
The Police Commissioner is a little more shy
It is a bit more arrogant with arrogance
Got but does not acpt
Do it
Or do you shy his father.
I am
It's smart to see but I want to eat
Because of
I can not see
Come and come
The principal said to me.
I went to his room:
I: May I come in, sir?
Principal: ys, come in
I: Sir, did you call me?
Principal: Hmm
I: What for?
Principal: You distrub Mim
Do you
I: No, he is with me before
to talk
Principal: OK, nxt if you hear me
Distrub mimake
If you do, then you get out of t.c
Will give
I: All right
Principal: Now you can come
I: Okay
Come on me. Mimo with me
It is
Come on:
Mim: It was Mr. Ahad, how did you do?
I am good
Mim: Since then Jane is not in front of me
Let's see
I will try
Come to Aslam Barite
To eat
Go to:
Dad: I'm a boy, and how long?
This way
Will you run?
I: How long?
Dad: Stay in this field
Dad: You know that I have this as soon as I am
Takes it
Dad: I know it. But what does everyone say?
Do you know?
I have not got money
Brother: Hmm. He's a very bad sight
Mom: That's good. No one will pay attention to the issue
I think: Amma, nowadays boys are like this
Or, that's it
My god like me
I: Did you start? After 1 month
All from
I'll change
I came to the room after eating the meal
Nothing has been said about my family.
In the family, parents, brothers, thoughts, nephews
I'll know later.
The next day
Go to the college
Pushing. I saw Mim.
wait for nxt part
I got a push in the gate.
I'm gonna miss it. Then:
I: sorry. I did not see.
Mm: Have not you got a lot of courage?
I will show you the fun today
Call your father
Daddy) Dad, a boy distrub me
You do
College college
Side: ........
Mim: Well, come soon.
After some time Mim's father came. So
Then give a char. Then:
Mim's father: This boy, you dare
To distrub my presidency?
I: I'm sorry.
Mm: No father, put him in jail.
I: But now it's going to be bigger.
Mm: What's going on, huh?
Mim's father: Well, something like this
I did not say, nxt
time no favors are actually jailed
Will give
I: Okay
I came there from there
Become fresh
Brother went to the room. Then:
I: Brother
Brother: Oh, tell me
I: from the time I have been born and the groom '
Jabab college
Brother: Okay. But suddenly, so many
I think: Look at a mother's love
I: Hey, nothing like that. (All open
I said)
I think: Okay, really tell me a word?
I: I lie?
I do not think: I did, what did you do
Love or not
I: Really say yes
Brother: Then do prapas
I: Do not put a little tight on the front
Then get married
I think: do it quickly
I: Hmm
Father-in-law comes back
Dad: And this is useless. They told us
What would have happened
Listen to
I: You?
Mom: How do you bring bamma?
I: Very soon
Dad: best of luck
I: tnx
Then came to bed in the room. Shundara during the time
Do it
I got ready to leave for two.
One in
I'm gonna have another College
In Kampas
Gari parked as soon as everyone
All of them are thinking
Type Pulla
And again, what kind of stylish it was?
A little later
Let's see Mimo in front of me
Have looked.
With me in front of me
Talk about
I wanted to say but my dog ​​OK
Come in
I did not give up
I am in front of me
#follow_me for nxt part

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