Ron Paul Liberty Report: Why Democrats & Republicans Always Support Increases In Debt

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It’s hard to tell which is worse, Republicans and Democrats doing the opposite of what they “campaign on,” or voters always falling for it. Democrats are usually anti-war when out of power, then drop bombs like Republicans when in power. Republicans are anti-spending and debt when out of power, and then they spend like Democrats when in power. Ron Paul discusses this all-too-familiar script.

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I think a better explanation is donations. Republicans and Democrats both get the majority of their money from the same set of donors. So, that means they often agree on finances.

I'm not saying he is wrong, I'm saying that he is right but for different reasons than he is saying.

And spending and war are basically the same issues. Dropping bombs is expensive and generate hella money.

I believe the true unifying issue is money out of politics. or any other organization that is trying to get money out of politics is worth a look.

Agreed. It's a complex truth. Wolf Pac is the best thing out there that no one is interested in....

You would be surprised. Many people are supportive of Wolf Pac. The biggest probelm is that both Republicans and Democrats hate the idea of not getting unlimited money from private parties.

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