Ron Paul Liberty Report: More US Bases In Syria...Why Not Come Home?

in #ronpaul3 years ago

Why is the US building more military bases on Syrian territory without permission? Why is it funding and training a 30,000 strong border guard for Syria's borders with Turkey and Iraq? With ISIS defeated, does the White House really believe it has legal authority to keep US troops in Syria to "deter Iran"?

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whether legal right or not, if syria can not keep it's citizen safe. i think it best the US troop still hang around Nice post @libertylol

My son shouldn’t die because Syria can’t keep its citizens safe. I shouldn’t pay more in taxes because Syria can’t keep its citizens safe. My daughter shouldn’t lose a limb and come back to the US broken, physically and mentally, because Syria can’t keep its citizens safe.
No thanks.

Am really sorry to here that. it's heart-broken. Your sacrifices would not be forgotten, knowing some soldiers fought hard to keep the world safe.

God grant your Son a Peaceful rest!

a line of my country anthem said "The labour of our heroes Past, Shall never be in-vain to serve with heart and mind to build a nation where peace and Justice shall reign."

I pray for your daughter... God's healing hands will touch her and with many in your state, that has lost for the Peace of the world.
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