Ron Paul Liberty Report: Making The Roads Great Again? Trump's Big Gas Tax Proposal

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President Trump is reportedly in favor of a big 25 cent per gallon federal gasoline tax increase to help pay for his infrastructure plan. Does it make any sense? Who will pay the most?

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I'm not in favor of any federal taxes, least of all a gasoline tax.

I’d prefer usury taxes over wide-encompassing income taxes.

Like I’m good with items that are shipped in via port get a small tax to create and fund the port.

Similarly, I’d prefer gasoline taxes (to pay for roads) than a blanket income tax. This prevents those who don’t use the roads from involuntarily having to purchase something they don’t use, which is immoral.

I agree in principle with this except that the overall tax burden is already too high so any new tax at this point is bad, period.

If they ditched the income tax and moved solely to usury taxes, your overall burden would fall. Agreed, I'll always vote against any new tax and for any new spending cut.

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But without government, who will BOMB the roads?!

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