Ron Paul Liberty Report: Left Coast Dilemma: Why California Ranks #1 In Poverty

in #ronpaul3 years ago

Government creates nothing, but it does destroy. The Left Coast is famous for it’s reverence for government. The results should surprise no one. California has the highest poverty rate in the nation. Why? What’s the way out? And what are the chances that Californians will choose the way out?

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They won’t. The conservative Californians I know are bailing out or planning to.

According to one liberal, California has the highest poverty and homeless rates because all the folks from states (read: the South) without hefty “safety nets” are moving to CA. That’s right, it’s not the liberals’ fault for creating a destructive big government, it’s conservatives’ fault for not just taking care of everyone. People who refuse to acknowledge they’ve created a problem, won’t change....

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