Famous FA Cup scorer Ronnie Radford passes away at age 79

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At the age of 79, Ronnie Radford, who scored one of the most famous goals in FA Cup history, passed away.

Radford began his playing career in 1961 with Sheffield Wednesday. He then moved on to Leeds and Cheltenham before playing for Rugby Town, Newport, and Hereford, where he made his mark on history.

In the third round of the 1972 playoffs, Radford assisted non-league Hereford United in defeating premier Newcastle United with a 35-yard first-time shot on a muddy field.

"At Edgar Street, we will always hold Ronnie dear to our hearts."

On February 5, 1972, with 14,000 spectators jammed into Edgar Street, Newcastle appeared poised to advance to the fourth round due to a goal by Malcolm Macdonald in the 82nd minute.

However, three minutes later Radford regained control and played a one-two before his incredible finish sent the match into overtime.

In 2015, Radford said to BBC Sport, "I went in for a tackle with John Tudor on halfway and came up with the ball."

"I turned and gave Brian Owen the ball after spotting him. When he returned it, it was perfectly perched. I simply thought, "I've got to hit this," without considering the distance.

Along with Norman Hunter, Terry Cooper, and Gary Sprake, Radford played for Leeds' junior squad while serving an apprenticeship as a joiner for Sheffield Wednesday.

Wales, Leeds, Juventus, and the legendary John Charles all signed Radford to a contract with Hereford.

His goal also served as a springboard for the professional football announcer John Motson, whose commentary became associated with the goal.

"Oh what a target! What a feat! The audience and goal scorer Radford are encroaching on the field "A Motson, age 26, yelled.


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