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in rome •  11 months ago

I'm now ranked 9th for most viewed Quora writer in the topic of Ancient Rome. I've been an active Quoran for some time now and this is an exciting but also somewhat intimidating development. 


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I would have given you a 100% upvote on this, if you would improve your content.


What improvements would you like to see?


More photos and text...


I like to alternate between long and in depth posts and quick short thoughts and announcements. I don't always have the time to write an article length post but I want to keep sharing things so my feed doesn't just go dead.

These posts of mine for example have lots more writing and at least one photo (Several in the case of the first one):




I also have this post which features photos and short text to accompany it:


I will probably do more like that over time.

Thank you for the feedback.