Most Profitable Casino Dapps on Tron!

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Going to make this short and sweet so I can get back to mining! In the crypto landscape, we all know things can change in a matter of moments, but the following casino Dapps are proving the best ROI in the shortest amount of time. Here are my top three as of 05/05/2019.

Please consider using my links below; comment with a screenshot of your first play and I will randomly select someone to receive a 10 steem bonus transferred directly to your account! Also, Re-steem this post to receive one steem per 1000 followers within the first 48 hours.


This just launched and is in the few early days of mining (typically the best opportunity). Based on my numbers, this is about a 10% ROI daily. Very innovative play combining poker hands and dice with big bonuses. Start playing now :


Slow and steady wins the race. Nothing special or different about this dice game but the dividends are solid. However, very unique structure with a fluctuating mining rate depending on the market value to prevent whales from dumping. This is proving revolutionary and keeps people actually playing. No referral link, just wanted everyone to start playing :


Video poker and blackjack games available here. Blackjack is offering a "virtual token" that only lasts about two weeks so you don't keep it permanently, but the dividends again are very solid. You also maintain PKT Tokens so you are double dipping by playing. Dividends are slow to pay out, because it's based on how fast the mining happens. However, with proper strategy, you can pretty much mine without any house edge. Start playing now :

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love TRX chain, so fast

Very interesting, I will try it.

Sounds good, let me know what you think.

I just want to let you know that we have casino games on Steem blockchain @kryptogames , @magicdice

Yes, thank you, well aware of that and a big supporter of them as well.

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Thank you, sent, hopefully the right amount this time :)

Oh yeah!
Thanks man!

No tronbet ?

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Yes, that is the industry leader… But unless you are In it from the beginning, the ROI is very hard. I think it's very overvalued right now. This was from a purely ROI evaluation.

Why label section 3 "Poker Tron" but show a picture of blackjack? :p

That is the name of the platform, they have both games.

Be really careful when making an online casino. If you are American it's a federal offense (and you do not want to mess with the feds) - though other nationalities vary a lot. Honestly if I were to create an online casino (anywhere where people can gamble real money or commodities - steem being a commodity) I would consult legal representation first.

I did not create these nor do I have any affiliation with them.

I wasn't talking about you, just anybody who was planning on using these to create their own game. More of a general warning to anybody reading that innocently creating something like this might actually be breaking major laws.

I have never been good at gambling and even if I do gamble I often lose. Still, I wanted to give the sites a try.

Just buy the tokens directly?

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Hi , I can' t use steemit wallet ?

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Ita not steem. Its tron. Different coin

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