12 Alfred Nobel laureates get UNSC intervention to finish Rohingya crisis

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laureates, as well as prof Muhammad Yunus, associated fifteen different eminent international voters in an letter on weekday urged the UN Security Council (UNSC) to intervene right away to finish the human crisis within the Rakhine State of Asian country, reports UNB.

Addressing the UNSC president and its members, they said, “The human tragedy and crimes against humanity flowering within the Arakan region of Asian country would like your immediate intervention. this can be one in all the decisive moments once daring and decisive actions ar required promptly once it's still doable to induce it resolved.”


According to completely different organisations, recent military offensive by the Asian country Army in Rakhine has semiconductor diode to the killing of many Rohingya folks. many thousands of individuals are displaced. Complete villages are burned whereas girls raped, several civilians at random inactive, and youngsters killed, the eminent voters aforesaid within the letter.

Besides, humanitarian aid organisations are nearly utterly denied access, making associate appalling humanitarian crisis in a neighborhood already very poor.

According to UN sources, around 370,000 folks have fled to East Pakistan throughout the last period of time. Human misery created by such huge displacement of men, girls and youngsters underneath the threat of death is obtaining worse on a daily basis.

“Some people denounced the previous spate of violence late last year and wrote to you to intervene. However, the case has not improved. we tend to urge you to require decisive actions to prevent the violence against innocent civilians and produce permanent peace in Rakhine state,” the signatories aforesaid.

They urged the UNSC to intervene right away by victimization all on the market means that. “We request you to require immediate action for surcease of indiscriminate military attack on innocent civilians that's forcing them to depart their home and bunk country to show into unsettled folks.”

They joined the Secretary General of the world organization in re-emphasising “the grievances associated unresolved plight of the Rohingya have festered for a lot too long and are getting an simple think about regional action.
The authorities in Asian country should take determined action to place associate finish to the present vicious circle of violence and to supply security and help to all or any those in would like.”

“We urge you to influence Asian country government to require immediate steps to implement the recommendations of the Rakhine consultatory Commission that the Asian country government established in 2016 underneath the pressure of international community.”

The Commission, largely comprised of Asian country voters, chaired by Kofi Annan, counseled providing citizenship to the Rohingyas, permitting them freedom of movement, rights and equality before the law, making certain communal illustration, lack of that affects Muslims disproportionately, facilitating UN help in making certain safety and security of returning folks.

To implement the Commission’s recommendations, they conjointly prompt propaedeutic steps, as well as reappointing the Commission members right away to represent associate Implementation Committee to administer the implementation of the recommendations, taking immediate steps to prevent the outflow of refugees, invitatory international observers to go to vulnerable areas on a daily basis, invitatory back the refugees WHO already left the country, building camps inside Asian country for the returning refugees to facilitate their rehabilitation with UN finance and direction, giving them the citizenship as prescribed within the Commission Report underneath the exclusive authority of the Implementation Committee and making certain political freedom and freedom of movement.

A daring modification in approach is required by world organization and therefore the international community if there's to be associate finish to the cycle of violence against the Rohingyas, the noted international voters aforesaid.

The government of Asian country must be told that international support and finance is conditional on a serious modification in policy towards the Rohingyas, they aforesaid adding that the globe is apprehensively waiting to visualize that UNSC is taking part in its role to bring finish to a humanitarian catastrophe and build peace within the region, UNB said.

The signatories conjointly embody Máiread Maguire, Betty Williams, bishop Tutu, honor Arias Sánchez, Jody Williams, Shirin Ebadi, Leymah Gbowee, Tawakkol Karman, Malala Yousafzai, Sir Richard J. Roberts and Elizabeth Blackburnian warbler, former Malaysian secretary of state Syed Hamid Albar, former Italian secretary of state Emma Bonino, former Prime Minister of Kingdom of Norway Gro city district Brundtland, former Thai secretary of state Kasit Piromya and former President of eire mother Robinson.


Ever since they Gave Barack Obama a Nobel Prize it has been worth about as much as half a peanut MnM. The recipient of he Noble PEACE prize bombed more countries and killed more innocents than any other president on modern times.

What a sad joke Noble has been turned into.

Just my two Steems Worth.

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