Will we get to see the first Libertarian Country?

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Forwarding a story because I thought it was really interesting!  


 Ver’s dream is to create a free society where people voluntarily abide by a set of rules they sign off on when purchasing a land title. “It will be a new experiment where it is the first time it’s been tried in the world,” he said.The Bitcoin enthusiast hopes to raise more money for more land. “I think very realistically, we can raise half a billion dollars and maybe a billion dollars. If we have a billion dollars, we will have a lot more capital to play with for a bigger piece of land,” he said.Right now, the seed funding comes from early Bitcoin and Ethereum adopters. “I’m one of them,” he said. He would not disclose who the others are, saying if they wanted to come forward, that was up to them.  But the general idea was to open the door to the public. “We were planning to have an ICO, but the regulators have kind of gotten in the way of that at the moment. But basically, we are working out the details as to how people can participate directly,” he said. 

It seems that Roger Ver and some other unnamed Crypto people will be attempting to buy land and create a libertarian Nation.  That would be amazing and interesting.

The idea is exciting and yet, just watching us struggle through the SteemIt experiment makes me thing it will be painful and yet fabulous to be a part of it.  One thing I have learned from SteemIt is there is a disconnect in how I imagine people working through issues without a clear leader and how different it is really happening.

What if Nog and Bernie both bought a lot?  Then what happens?

This is a project I will be keeping an eye on.


This is a very interesting project they plan to start. I suppose they can take the model of the micro nation and with 0,5B dollars they can buy a lot of land! It's gonna be a huge micro nation on km2 :) Add to that some local economy make sure the economy is not spending more than they earn, this new country could support itself. I actually hope they try to get rid of monetary values, but add AI in large quantity and create a AI executed new country where the members in that country can spend 24x7 doing whatever he/she pleases.

I'd love to see a truly libertarian country. As far as moving there...I'd wait a few years and see what happens lol.

I'm kind of hoping the libertarian party grows in the United States (I know I know, it's a pipe dream) in the next decade as more people are disenfranchised with the two party system which has created little more than division over every issue imaginable. If that ever does happen it's going to take a long time as libertarian presidential candidates rarely get more than 1-5% of the vote in any given state.

It's almost like they're trying to distract us and keep up arguing over stuff like like millionaire football players kneeling during the national anthem so they can go about their business as usual in DC. Or maybe the words It's almost like don't belong in the previous sentence...

Good advice on waiting a bit before moving there. It states they are going to try to attrack investor types, so it would be interesting to see, I bet the cost of original entry will be high. Then if they built condos and such could go down. Will be interesting for sure. I would love to see how the economy developed. They are going to need food, booze, etc. :) Even if their main jobs are internet based.

Yea it would be amazing if it happens :)

Better they use those donations to build existing nations than thinking about a new world or a new country!
More than half of people in this world have no enough foods to eat! So, if we can collaborate something to help those people I think it might be very useful than thinking about a new country in somewhere else!
We have enough land to live, but we have no enough humanity to think we all are humans! And we have no enough knowledge to think this world is dying and we need to refresh it by planting trees and stopping pollution!
If their idea can be used to such kind of purpose I think I will give my maximum support to that project! That's how I feel about this article!
Anyway nice information you shared with us!


Are you saying that if they do things the way you imagine them in your mind, instead of the way that seems best to them, you will support them? I don't think it works like that, friend.
If you want to pool money to invest it into 'existing nations' or in programs to fight hunger, great! Go ahead! But to wait for others to do stuff and then tell them what they should be doing instead, come on, friend! You know better than that!
Take it easy!

Sometimes you might be correct, sometimes you might not! Making a new nation, a free nation will be a disaster :D Better use that money for a great purpose :D


If you believe you know exactly what will happen to a free Nation, I advise you to investigate your mind, guru. You may find that you know nothing about the 'future' and that it's just the mind chatting with you, imagining stuff and actually believing it. Anyhow, be the change you want to see and let others do the same! Peace!

An Anarchic Utopia indeed. It would be wonderful if it happened, but personally there are a couple of issues here. Firstly without a leader, you may get design by a group and that may take forever to get off the ground. Secondly, where in the world would they get enough land to create a new country? The mind boggles.

that's interesting, if it happens we will see a new nation.. Wow that would be awesome.
Thanks for the update @whatsup

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impressive idea, sometimes it might work. but the idea based on ico can build conflicts. if someone hodl more than 50% problems might arise. nice article & nice sharing @whatsup

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Interesting development in the crypto world. Thanks for sharing it. It feels refreshing to have a libertarian country.

Omg its avewesome ideas! Keep following this article cheers!

It would be great to see the first Libertarian Country! I will be keeping an eye on the project also!

Very good job........nice posting,upvoted

Exciting times. Freedom is breaking out everywhere and the old dragon is upset :)
Strategically, I believe it is important to have both a first grand scale free 'nation' and also more and more small scale self organizing islands of freedom and prosperity.
I see a future where people choose from a great variety of different models of living, communities, neighborhoods and so on. We will choose how and with who and with what kind of rules we want to live. Hell, some may even choose to live in a state and with a 'government'! And why not? Who am I to tell them how to live? But there must be a choice.

Those who share the dream of freedom are self-organizing everywhere, right now, in numberless ways. We all can be a part in the decentralization of society.

The state needs to be replaced, not attacked. The first free Nations and communities will have a hard stand, I have little doubt they will be infiltrated and sabotaged. But it is important to stay peaceful. Violence against the state is harming the freedom movement. What you resist persists. The dragon needs violence to live. Let's not feed it.
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That sounds pretty interesting indeed :D Keep us updated!
"Rule number #1, don't kill anyone." xD

Oh damm this is really interesting one :D

It is certainly possible for this idea to work. However, I think Statists will never leave voluntarist alone. As I like to say often, "The blue-hairs aren't ready for it yet." Still a lot of work has to be done to win those hearts and minds. Good post!

@whatsup - Oh my goodness, ma'm I just imagine how it can be :O A country without a leader will not function as it is. It can be a horrible dream like movie scene 'ship or plan crash & living in an island'. Atleast you have a Trump as the president ma'm. Just imagine you'll find a place like everyone leaders or more than one share holder hold the entire land of the country. It'll end up with a dictator :) So, it'll not work well ma'm.
Love your finding <3 :*

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Let us hope and see how much time will it take to implement this.

Seems like a great idea as if it happens ;)

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Learn to some new from your post. Love to read it.
thanks for sharing.

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