Bitcoin Billionaires Have Whale Wars Too. (10 SBD Meme Contest)

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In a recent Interview Roger Ver (recent backer of Bitcoin Cash) had what could best be described as a "Shit Fit".  The video was somewhere between hysterical and frightening that these are guys driving the Bitcoin market.

It seems Roger is insulted by the name "Bcash" an Internet pet name for Bitcoin Cash.

During an Interview after several warnings about calling Bitcoin Cash  -  Bcash,  Roger had a melt down.

This image is the result

None of that is our fault and this picture is too fun not to Meme!

Best meme will win 10 SBD judged and payable by me.  Have fun, use the tag rogerfingermeme to make them easy to find.

* here is the original melt down at about 43 minutes in.

Have fun and good luck please use the tag.. rogerfingermeme


I feel bad for Roger Ver, he fell straight into that trap.
His passion for the project is evident and while it didn't show him in the best light he did apologise for his meltdown at the end.
He going to need to let this sort of thing go though as people are going to have no problem triggering him if he doesn't which is going to be really bad PR.
I believe him when he says he wants what is best for humanity which is noble and refreshing in the paradigm we currently live in.

I agree he has passion. However, if he is going to be a leader he needs to pull it together.
Totally get what you are saying about his heart is in the right place, but he really seemed 12 while he was throwing this fit. lol

I completely agree and you could see he was embarrassed in his apology.
I've seen interviews before when he's ended up in tears such is his passion to put right the wrongs in our world however crying on TV is best left to adulterous politicians and morons that appear on shit TV shows like Jerry Springer IMHO. 😉

maybe he it was all a setup to get attention? lol..jusssayin

I just wanted to make art on the comments here,



@whatsup, need to create meme post for this competition?

You are entered. Winner will be selected after this post closes! Good Luck!

Ok. then thank you....

Here is a link to my entry, following the rules.

It wasn't specified if more than 1 meme could be submitted so I made just 1.

206f3c.jpg wow




but, if he is going to be a pacesetter he wishes to pull it collectively.
absolutely get what you're saying about his heart is within the right area, however he certainly regarded 12 while he turned into throwing this match @whatsup.




here is my entry to the contest: - )


Ha ha ha this is funny! Let's see what I can do for this contest :D Anyway this guy looks stupid with that finger :D



@whatsup - How can we join this competition? Shall we provide the quote as a comment or we need to make a post? Funny image it is ma'm :)


@steemwija, make a meme... Funny text on Roger's picture. Make a post or link your meme in my comment section. Have fun!

Hahahaha Roger finger meme :D Nice name given :p

need to create meme post for this competition?

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roger finger hahahahaha

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well, i'm never even gonna think the word "you know what"

Ha ha ha very funny! Can i creat meme post for this competition? @whatsup

Ha ha ha this is funny! Let's see what I can do for this contest :D Anyway this guy looks stupid with that finger

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