Friday's Rock! He Died Doing What He Loved

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Last weekend when I was up in Utah doing my extreme social distancing I headed over to Topaz Mountain, one of my favorite collecting areas. One thing I had noticed in the past was, there was a sign at the red beryl collecting area way up on the mountain. I figured it was just an old claim marker and never paid any attention to it. This time however, I was digging on the cliff face just above it so I decided to take a minute and go down to read what it said.

IMG_6282 (1).jpg

If for some reason you can't read it, the sign says,"In memory of Kevin Moore who passed away right here Area #1 Topaz Mountain May 2010. He passed away doing what he loved to do. Orem Prospecting."

I thought, at least he died enjoying himself, then I read about the accident.

He died when a boulder 8 feet long and 5 feet wide crushed him. This is very suspicious to me because this zone doesn't have boulders except above it. It's possible he was digging under a large slab of rock chasing the topaz and red beryl pockets and it became dislodged. Or, his buddies were cleaving a slab off and it rolled onto him. People break off large pieces of the mountain and then break it up on the ground because it is much easier to do.

The spot he died at on the mountain is the white streak in the photo below, top, left of the white streak.


Being out rockhounding alone I've often thought about making a mistake and dying. It's actually made me prepare much better when I go out, take less risks, and always let my wife know. But, if I did make a mistake and die at least I would be doing something I loved.

Godspeed Kevin. I hope you're digging what ever heaven has to offer.

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