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This week on #Wednesdaywalk, I walked the Old Quarry Trail. It circles a swampy area that fills a depression left when ancient glaciers collapsed a cave system.

During the ice age, huge glaciers scraped the soil from the land to reveal Canadian Shield, also known as Precambrian Shield, formed from the eruptions of over 150 volcano belts. As they moved, the gigantic glaciers picked up boulders and tumbled them. When they receded, the boulders were dropped. That's how these random boulders came to be deposited here, overlooking the swamp behind them.

Thank you @shasta for the excellent #bouldersunday.


Canadian Shield - Wikipedia


Photo from my Canon SX620 HS in Kanata, Ontario, Canada.

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Awesome boulders @kansuze! :-) Amazing to think about the ice
that carried them and how they melted out. All the changes they
have witnessed. Thank you for sharing these boulder beauties!

You're welcome. Boulders rock! lol

How very interesting, thank you @kansure.

You're welcome! Drop by again.

Wow these are epic and so beautiful 👏👏

Thanks. Amazing to find a community that appreciates boulders.

Hi @kansuze, your delegation will be ending tomorrow (18 June 2019). It looks like you're on track though so keep up the good work.

Thank you @galenkp. It helped immensely and I was lucky that it coincided with my trip to Europe. I really appreciate it. Steemit needs people like you.

Hey @kansuze, there is a time limit on delegations?
I found a stern tutorial.. haven’t checked it out yet... you probably know everything in ... I’ll let you know how it is...steemsavy

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  ·  last month (edited)

It's as long as the delegator chooses. Mine is ending tomorrow after 90 days. It helped immensely. Enjoy yours!

Random boulders are cool. I took a photo once of a scene with a giant boulder in it.

The next day the boulder was gone.


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Oh, that's really weird. You know, in Disney's "Frozen," the trolls disguised themselves as rocks. lol

Great photo of boulders!
Very interesting!

There are no other boulders there. It looks like someone arranged them for chairs.


Those are beauties! The power of ice and water is incredible!

Those are beauties! The
Power of ice and water
Is incredible!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I love @haikubot.

It sure is. It has shaped the world around us. Some day I should do a post on the landforms left by glaciers.

That would be very interesting! Could you even fit it all in one post?

The difficult part would be getting photos. Now, in Ontario, I think all of the land forms exist, but being able to identify them in a photo would be more difficult. When we study it in school, they use drawings.

I can see where taking the photos would be difficult/impossible!

Me too. You take a photo of a ridge, if you can get back far enough, and tell people that it's a moraine. "Take my word for it." The Oak Ridges Moraine in Ontario covers 730 square miles!

The Kettle/Moraine State Forest is to the east of me, and the driftless area of Wisconsin is to the west. All of it is interesting geography! But pictures would be tough to get.

It's not like this could be found in stock photos.

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