Funny-Gifs Rocket Service Rules and Benefits 11/16/2017 .

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Welcome All Steemian's To Funny-Gifs Rocket Service


What is Rocket Service

Funny-gifs Rocket Service Provide Upvote's on Your High Quality Own Posts . Funny-Gifs is one of the Best Account and Have 58 Reputation and 400K Steem Power . Also We Have More Account Thats Have Total 1000K Steem Power .

How I Use This Service ?

Funny-gifs Rocket Service is Easy to use just Send 1 To 15 SBD with Memo Link on @funny-gifs And Receive 1 to 100% Upvote on Your Post .

Example :

If you Send 1 SBD the you Got 1.5 to 1.7$ Upvote on Your Post .
if you Send 5 SBD then you Got 8+ upvote on your Post .
if you Send 15 SBD then you Got 23+ upvote on your Post .

Rule's of Rocket Service :

1: Always Check Status Before Buying a Upvote if Status Show " Rocket is online " Then Send SBD with Your Post Memo Link . if Status Show Rocket is Offline Then Never Send a Singal SBD Otherwise Your Amount not Refundable .

To see Status Click here :

2: Send only SBD with post link in memo

3: Steem Not Accepted .

Benefits .

With Using Rocket Serive you Earn Profit and Boost you Post and Rank in Trending and Main Category of your Post . And if Your Post Ranked in Trending then Your Post Got More Upvotes and You Earn Some Extra Money .

For Example

If you Buy Upvote Worth on 15 SBD and you Received 25+ $ upvote Then Almost 8$ is Pure Profit on 15 SBD investment .

Thank you To Using Our Serivce @Funny-gifs


Thats fucking awesome bro 😍 i would to try it, but not now 😭 keep going 😊

LOL !! i will keep you comment in my Heart :) Really Fucking awesome Comment .

impressed , keep going bro

Nice! I will tell this from all Brazilians who use the Steemit...
Let start get money posting huehue gifs!
@casagrande @jsantana

Thank you !!

Thank you for sharing this amazing post I do not have sufficient sbd so i did not be able to try I will try it after few days

Thank you For your In trust Always Welcome .

I will definitely try to send SBD with my post URL for my welfare and I also spread this information with my friends so that they can also take the benefit of your platform @funny-gifs

Funny is a tag that is not on top on steemit yet. You are doing great

Hi funny-gifs thank you for the post regarding the rules. Will there be an amount limit and how many times can someone use your service in a 24 hour period?

No limit just Check Steem power Before Buying a upvote . .

I am not liking what you are doing. I am definitely not liking what you are doing.

:) Every one Happy with us Thank you

Nah, not everyone. I am not sure if you will survive the fallout tomorrow. Get ready.

No problem Sir just Be Happy ..

lolx thats amazing post and i really like it :D

follow me , Upvote me :D

Thanks @funni-gifs, this post is very useful for steemit users, especially beginners, definitely want to get upvote. For example like me who is still a beginner .. a very interesting post ..

Awesome post...and real value to the community , delighted to UPVOTE and FOLLOW...check me out..and if you like my posts or videos, delighted if you can return the compliment.
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Upvote your post at my maximum power I am new here so is there any less sbd offer for new users I will definitely check out your platform only in about 2 days because at present I have 0.6 sbd thanks for making this type of platforms @funny-gifs

yes you can do .

Amazing post and tips!

I do not have sufficient sbd so i did not be able to try I will try it after few days..

Follow Me
With love ..

@funny-gifs, I sent you SBD. And have not received from you any support! Why?

You Send 0.15 SBd Next Time never Send Me Amount Below 1 SBD Today you Got Your Amount Back

OK. Thank you!

where is my money on post ?
I sent 13 dollars

Can you do upvote on 6 days ago post which will be paying out in just few hours??

Will there be an amount limit and how many times can someone use your service in a 24 hour period?

i have sent you 5 sbds but i havent received my vote yet from you . please reply

where is my money on post ?
I sent 13 dollars

Hi @funny-gifs how about an upvote. I sent you 5 sbd 6 hours ago. My post will soon be too old to vote on.

Hi funny-gifs could you kindly return my 5sbd as you didn't upvote me and my my post has now expired.

very good service i am satisfied got upvote so instant

this is new service we must to try it firstly but seems good