Quick Rocket League trading guide

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Hi, i want to show you quick  RL trading guide. Its the fastest way to get 15 keys in one week. First i strongly recommend using https://rocket-league.com website. Many people trade there. 

First we have to get at least 1 key. It isn't hard to do. Then we create trade offer like this.[img][/img]You always look for item from first row and second from first/second and ask for some crates, just type:'can you add some crates?'Most people thinks that one crate is useless, but 17 are 0,5 key.  So you trade 1 key for at least 2 wheels, but when you see that your trader really wants your key ask for third item. Then you post wheels for velocity crates. 1:2 thats the best price. One velocity is now 0,33 key so you earn 0,33 per trading cycle+ a lot of crates. .

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