C-Note All-Ages Rock Concert -- 1st Friday of Every Month

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WHAT: Monthly All-Ages Concert of High School Bands and Adult Bands
WHEN: Friday, March 1st (8 pm till close)
WHERE: New England's Top-Notch Concert Club, The C-Note on Nantasket Beach (Hull, Massachusetts)

Hey, Parents ... Ask you kids to come to The C-Note for some Rock n' Roll!

Hey, Kids ... Ask your parents to come to The C-Note for some Rock n' Roll!

11 pm -- Featured Adult Rockers: Positive-Negative Man
(click photo)

10 pm -- Featured High School Rockers: Not Today
(click photo)

9:30 pm -- Sage Cult

Sage Cult is a pop art experimental project of Massachusetts-based The Toxic 70s. Created with other artists and musicians, Sage Cult is an expanded version of The Toxic 70s, with more vocalists and dancers on stage. They played their first show at UMass Lowell in January.

9 pm -- Sunset Demon

Sunset Demon is a one man indie rock project created by Jack Downey. It was founded in June of 2018 and has steadily been releasing music since July of that same year. His songs are minimalistic yet emotional and powerful. Recently, he had the honor of one of his songs being played on the radio (Pipeline WMBR)

8 pm -- Toast

We'd like to thank Toast for filling in for the Hull High band who had to cancel due to one of their members performing in the Massachusetts All-State Festival, the first time in 30 years Hull has had a student competing. But an opportunity to see Toast perform is always a delight. The band is comprised of high schoolers from Hull and the surrounding towns. At their very young age, they've already got an album released (click below):


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