Introducing my new voting robot "@curators"

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I’m currently using “@better” voting robot operated by @laonie. It’s an excellent voting robot both for curators & authors. It helps new author’s best post and as well as curators to gain maximum curation rewards. However, “@better” only vote which author’s post who has under 65 reputation score & his post hit at least 12 voting scores & as well as under $1 rewards within 30 minutes. My voting robot “@curators” only casts vote to reputed authors who has above 60 reputation score. And it’s main purpose is to –

  1. help such reputed authors who are currently not gaining much rewards and are not getting help from “@curie” & “@better”.
  2. help curators to gain maximum curation rewards. “curators” always casts vote to reputed authors so, there is a huge chance to this post be popular & for this curation rewards will go to high.

@curators” Voting Rules

  • cast vote within 3 minutes only
  • author’s reputation score must be 60 or higher
  • author must have earned continuously $10 or, higher in his every post in the last 7 days
  • voting power will be distributed by this following rules –
    (i) 100% voting power upvotes to 1-125 ranked reputed authors
    (ii) 75% voting power upvoted to 126-175 ranked reputed authors
    (iii) 50% voting power upvoted to 176-250 ranked reputed authors
    (iv) 25% voting power upvoted to 251-300 ranked reputed authors
    (* Every week we’ll create a rank table of reputed authors based on their post-rewards)

How to join with “@curators” and earn curation rewards?

  • Just send me a direct message to “@royalmacro” on the steemit chat.
  • We need your posting private key.
  • You must have at least 100 steem power & over 50% voting power
  • Your reputation score must be 40 or, over.

In full transparency, you will be able to track the list every day detailing all the posts that “@curators” upvoted.

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Im interested. message sent to your stem chat

upvoted & re-blogged :)

ok ... I'll join

great how to join ?

awesome :D

looks interesting. I will join

I'm interested to join with you

Looks good. I'm following you. Ironically I just checked and I ranked #126 in reputation.

hmm ....... I'll try it

wow !!! great bot

nice robot

thanks for sharing with us :)

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Interesting my friend, congratulations

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