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Will machines make many human jobs obsolete? Yes.
Will humans find ways to enhance their job capabilities with machines they then hook up to their bodies to help them compete?
That's where I hope we're headed, and I think history supports this sort of innovation.

The steam shovel didn't completely end the need for a man with a trowel, but it freed labor that was done only with a shovel, pick and wheel barrow to be done largely by earth moving machines. The interim fix was to have drivers, even though remote control, and even processed control systems have been available for decades.

The design of buildings, websites, and even many of the tools can be guided by a person and built by machines. Short hand is used to communicate the concepts between developers, including design patterns, modules and models, but eventually the short hand will be the programming language, and finally that job will be replaced by a statement of intent, or a realization of a need.

But I don't think this means we'll be replaced by artificial intelligence. I think this means that we'll start making the enhancements closer to the wet ware. We just inserted the first grown pancreas in an Australian child, but far more promising for adults, we're making an organ that can aid in assisting overwhelmed pancreatic function fit in a small artificial organ replacing an under arm lymph node. Once we get the necessity out of the way, the customization of organs for commercial and personal enhancement will follow. Plastic surgery will not sit on the sidelines if there is money to be made in the implantation of useful organs or equipment that can be seen by some as more beautiful or perfect.

Rather than buy the steam shovel for the operator to drive, put a motor cortex implant hooked directly to the cerebellum into a human, and let them manage and control a fleet of drones remotely.

As necessities become rarer, enhancements will probably become more popular. Long before true artificial intelligence appears, I believe we will enhance the typical human beyond the normal confines of what humanity has defined as our current limitations. It's the un-augmented human that will be replaced.

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